David Maraga Hits Back At Presidential Hopefuls, Gives His Candidate Choice

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David Kenani Maraga is a Kenyan jurist and lawyer who served as the 14th chief justice and president of Supreme court since his appointment in 2016 to this year when he retired. The unwaverable and God-fearing lawyer is in history of Kenya and the world at large for nullifying the 2017 presidential election results and setting history as a staunch believer of the Seventh Day Adventist church when he did not listen to any case during the sabbath.

The former chief justice while speaking today in Mombasa has hit out at all the interested presidential aspirants for not coming out clearly on how to fight corrruption, giving example of the recent KEMSA scandal that witnessed Kenya lose billions of money, Maraga has said the politicians fail in the fight against the biggest enemy of development, corruption. Maraga has said it is now high time Kenyans chose leaders with intergrity on who he prefers, here is the link;



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