Is Citi FM/TV 'Disowning' Caleb Judah When They Said "We Didn't Send Him There?.(Opinion?



My take is NO! And this is why.

First of all, I understand the sentiment of people who think that is the case.

But this is what the practice has usually been in most newsrooms; the principle (if you like ethics) in the newsroom is for every person to seek sanction or permission from your immediate superior, on every activity you would want to undertake especially during contact hours (which includes assignment and other personal beats you want to follow.)

It has been the practice so that the station can account for you, in any eventuality. 

If in any case you take the initiative to do something in your own volution (during or after contact hours) in the interest of news or the station, there are applause when it turns out good; and the same way there are consequences or responsibilities when you take such risks and it turns out bad.

Unfortunately, the later is exactly the situation I think Caleb finds himself now.

Let's beware that as management, and a reputable media organization which has built trust with its audience, it will be in their interest an that of the general public, to pick the side of truth in their response and handling of this matter. You may not want to sacrifice the principles you have established over the years for one person in one incidence.

But in doing so, management owes the responsibility to provide the needed emotional, psychological, physical and security support to Caleb in this situation; which I think they are doing.

Maybe we can help the conversation by situating the conversation properly; by not singling out some of these issues and giving it so much voice, without enough grounds and context.

 As we are always told; "NO STORY IS WORTH YOUR LIFE!"

I sincerely do not think the station and management are disowning or exposing Caleb, it is a matter of principles applicable to everyone.

My opinion