We Have Only 2 Tribes In Nigeria - Kingsley Moghalu

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Nigerian political economist and former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu has revealed the numbers of tribes we currently have in Nigeria.

In a post on his official social media page, the presidential candidate of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in the 2019 general election said there are only two tribes in Nigeria, and they are the politicians and the people.

The Nigerian politician went on to explain that Christians, Muslims, Hausas, Fulanis, Tivs, Ijaws and every other Nigerian tribe could be found on both sides of the divide.

According to him, you are either among the politicians who are busy enjoying illicitly acquired public fund, or the people who are suffering together from the poverty and insecurity in every part of the country.

It is okay to say Kingsley Moghalu latest statement resonates very well with the average Nigerian youth who is feeling the negative effects of the lack of good governance.

Almost everyone who replied to his tweet agreed with him as you can see from the randomly selected screenshots below:

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