How Nairobi Express Way Causing Netizens To Be Caught By The Curfew


The mega project of Nairobi Express Way has been underwaying from last year 2020 . The affected roads are Mombasa Road, James Gichuru Road, Uhuru Highway, Mlolongo alias Old Mombasa Road.

The hooting large lorries and trucks transporting materials to the site and from the site is causing traffic congestion. This congestion of vehicles in the rush hours for travelers to catch up with the curfew time is still troubling.

The way used to allow two vehicles at a time but now only one vehicle can fit at a time. The government needs to do something. Something like changing the time of the curfew. Instead of the curfew to be scheduled at 8pm, it should’ve set at 10pm.

This might shows that even if the government is trying to fight the pandemic, it is very lenient about the curfew time. Although we are complaining about the government, it was also the contractor role to do something about the size of the road.

The Nairobi Express Way is going so fast when compared with the other highways that have been constructed in the country. This mega highway is meant to reduce congestion in the city and the country.