"Alai Has Attacked Me, My Wife And Kids In The Past And I have Always Ignored Him" ~Claims Boniface


Picture for illustrative purpose.

"Tell Robert Alai to share publicly every file he has on Boniface Mwangi. Alai should also tag the relevant government authorities. Alai has attacked me, my wife and kids in the past. I have always ignored him." Picture for illustrative purpose.

This is according to Activist Boniface Mwangi as he posted on his twitter hurdle. This tweet attracted lots of reactions where different Kenyans gave different views and opinions as captured below.Picture for illustrative purpose.

*Why is he fighting you yet you not in blogging competition with him? You are a human rights activist fighting for a better society and he is a blogger fighting to put food on his table(Which is not bad) why all this fights.

*When you spend even an hour in school, it should reflect in your general behaviour, thoughts and how you relate with others. The same with age. Progress in your age should match progress in your behaviour and attitude. Match your papers with your brain and behavior. Respect Family.

*No one has anything against you. They are being used by politicians to silence you. Keep asking the right questions. We are behind you.

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