Somizi Mhlongo Reveals Something About Jamie Bartlett's Death | See What He Said

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As most of us are already fully aware, it has been confirmed that the popular British-born South African Actor Jamie Bartlett also known as David Genaro sadly passed away last night (Monday 23 May), and now popular South African media personality and television personality Somizi Mhlongo has responded to Jamie Bartlett's unexpected death by revealing something interesting on his official Instagram account.

According to reports, Jamie Bartlett and Somizi Mhlongo were spotted together at a popular night club called 'Lifestyle Brooklyn' on Sunday 22 May, and Somizi Mhlongo has responded to the death of Jamie Bartlett by revealing that it seemed like the Jamie Bartlett knew that his days were numbered and he was about to pass away because he apparently greeted each and every person who was at the night club called 'Lifestyle Brooklyn' including the kitchen staff because his 'spirit knew'...

"And just like that....last night would be the last night together literally....I even made fun of you for greeting each and every person at 'Lifestyle Brooklyn' including the kitchen staff....your spirit knew.... farewell my Jamie πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”" - Wrote Somizi Mhlongo on Instagram.

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