What happens if the election is delayed?

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Justice delayed, they say, is justice denied. Delay in the dispensation of electoral disputes in Ghana has become an albatross to the Ghanaian nation. It has become a sour point in our electoral process. In this article, the writer meticulously looked at the various strategies and procedures for expediting election petitions and appeals in our electoral system.

Current President will have to step down as president in January if the election is still delayed, as he is not allowed to stay in power for more than a four-year term.

The law specifies that the four-year terms of both the president and vice president will end at noon on January 20 following an election year.

Researchers stated in a report in March 2020 that: ‘There are no provisions of law permitting a president to stay in office after this date, even in the event of a national emergency, short of the ratification of a new constitutional amendment.’

Researchers argued that the rules of succession would come into effect, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who is currently Democrat Alban Bagbin would become acting president until the election could take place.

Alban Bagbin would have all the same power and responsibilities as a normal president until a new one is re-elected.

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