Jobe London Went Live to reveal what he's been going through.

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Jobe London,Known for his Hit song "Jobe uJaiva ka mnandi" has been going through a difficult moment in his life fighting Cancer ,Yet still managed to attend his friend's Funeral Killer Kau which led to a Video of him trending while being bullied and shamed for his weightloss..

He went on Live to share That he's actually suffering from Cancer and not what people have been assuming...He made his first appearance at an event where he managed to get on stage for a few minutes and do what he's always been passionate about ,But this led to people speculating he was HIV positive and being called all sorts of Disgusting names by Cyber bullies..

On his Live Video he mentioned the most heartbreaking comment and i qoute:

“i don’t see the point of living , nkare nka latella grootman yaka killer kau”

(I dont see the point of being alive,how i wish i could follow my late bro Killer Kau)

There's no need for us to be bullies when people suffer from sickness and diseases that they have no control over,These are the same people who entertain us and represent us musically in other countries..

I hope Jobe London finds healing and strength to pull through and fight this cancer ,So we can get more hit songs from him...

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