A Picture Of Somizi And His Baby Mama When They Were Still Dating Has Resurfaced

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If you are a South African soapie fan, you probably know actress and media personality, Palesa Madisakwane. Besides acting and TV, she is known for being the mother of Somizi's only child, Bahumi. 

Madisakwane is a South African actress and TV personality who has been on a number of shows, and shared the set with a number of legends.

Besides Somizi's child, Palesa has 3 children, Bahumi Madisakwane with Somizi Mhlongo, Thato and Khumo Mocuminyane with her ex husband, Jakes Mocuminyane.

She is now part of Somizi's reality show, and has mentioned that whenever Somizi does interviews, he keeps saying she knew he was gay. She says it hurts her because she didn't even know homosexuality, and only learnt about it through him. She says he didn't act gay at the time, and wasn't open about it at first.

Palesa says back in the day, she was invited to Somizi's 21st party, and she was a Mrs party. She even showed off the picture, and said he didn't look gay or acted gay at all.

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