Check Out 10 Photos of Female Soldiers in their Non-Military Outfits.


Among the numerous changes and advancement this era of the 21st century has witnessed, is the incorporation of women into the military force. Prior to this modern era, most especially in medieval times, women were conformed to the sole responsibility of catering for the home. This custom, portrays women as second-class citizens; whose primary duty and assignment is to ensure that every domestic issue is given full priority and attention.

Unlike the belief system of the medieval age, women are now given full and equal social right with men to participate heavily in any aspect of the society they desire.

The military force, which used to be greatly influenced by the male gender, is now being made flexible and open to women as well. Many ladies, from the different corners of the world have resorted to taking military appointment and positions in other to protect the lives and property of citizens. Some have even gone as far as taking several reputable military positions and ranks.

It might interest you to know that; most military ladies who appear to be extremely rugged and tough when dressed in their military outfits, turns out to look like slay queens and models when dressed in mufti or non-military regalia.

Below are photos of some of them.