Mzansi millionaire says broke men should stay away from women after spending R50k

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Mzansi millionaire says broke and poor man should stay away from women because they don't provide anything.

- Earlier today a man went on to social media and shared a settling topic that left many in stitches. The man is a well known person on social media as he does engage with a huge following in each of his shared post.

- Mr Ngwenya had came forward on social media to talk about, poor and broke man who want to be in a relationship or marry a women. Mr Ngwenya made it clear that man who can't provide for themselves shouldn't be aloud to have a women in fact they should stay away from them.

In his shared post Mr Ngwenya came out to say that following on social media, after spending R50k on furniture with his beloved wife.

"You really can't be a man who doesn't have money but wants a wife. Without money, you cannot be loved by you're going to be tolerated, not because the women is a gold digger but because Wives know that they are careers and know that it is in a way their responsibility to grow what they carry.

I woke up this morning and she said," "Baby I want us to change the Couch when we have money.", I said ok it's fine. We are going to buy furniture today. We went out I spent almost R50k. I have never seen my queen so happy. A man must always provide. All broke and poor man must stay away from women."

Mzansi wasn't thrilled with what Mr Ngwenya had said on Facebook, As a lot of people retailietd against his opinions. A lot of people denied his ideas and called them a stupid move.

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