Queen: Serwaa Amihere is looking lovely in this Kente outfit.


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The beautiful month of March is here again and the anticipation for more joy and gladness is high. To Ghanaians, the month of March is Ghana’s month as it was in March that Ghana achieved independence.

As such Ghanaian media personality, Serwaa Amihere has started the month of March in a unique way. To celebrate Ghana, the tv host wore a nicely woven Kente outfit and also adorned herself in some cultural beads. She wore some of the beads around her arm, legs and neck.

Personally, I think Serwaa Amihere’s looks can be likened to that of a Queen as Ghanaian Queens are often adorned in such lovely Kente outfits. See the photos below and don’t forget to follow KiaraNellie, comment, like and share. Thanks.

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