The Truth About Her Death Must Prevail - Prophet Oduro


The Leader and head pastor of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has told the Ghana Police Service to hasten investigations into the cause of death of the teenager who allegedly committed suicide at the Miracle School.

According to him, the truth about the death of the young girl must prevail or the vengeance of God will speak for the bereaved family.

The outspoken man of God was speaking in a live Facebook commentary. He intimated that there have been several of such mysterious deaths in the country that have not been investigated.

He says a lot of people have been murdered in the country and the perpetrators have made it look like a suicide.

He adds that if the Police fail to examine the real cause of Leticia Hyere Pinaman’s death, God will find the answers.

“I asked the Police to please do a holistic work on the little girl’s death and let the truth prevail. Because if that fails, God's vengeance will take place”. He indicated.

Prophet Kofi Oduro sympathized with the bereaved family and advised that it is not the best decision for anyone to commit suicide when going through difficult moments in life.

He further advised that people must keep their hopes alive when things are going the wrong way because God has time for everyone.

“I want to use the opportunity to commiserate with the family of these girls that have committed suicide. Killing yourself is not the solution. But you cannot blame anybody because I don’t play blame games. It is good to pin people to their task and get them to make things move. I’m telling anybody that is watching me right now. Your life and destiny are in your own hands so keep hope alive and know that Jesus is Lord and he can do things abundantly even more than you can imagine”. He added.

He adds that people must be content with what they have and not rush to copy blindly. He says the pressure of life can lead to people committing suicide.

“Don’t be in a hurry because contentment is golden. Driving a car does not mean you are rich and walking does not mean you are poor. Our mentality and how we understand issues are messed up and that is why we are not seeing the glory of God. I’m calling on the nation to repentance because righteousness extols a nation”. He added.