15 Funny Memes That Will Make You Laugh


15. When you poisoned your step brother because of riches, but then he smiles at you and said, "this one that you're looking at me, did you see me when I was exchanging the food."14. When your crush burst into tears all of a sudden and you don't know what to do to make her stop crying... "do you want some toothpaste."13. Can someone please remind her it's her wedding today..12. Me when I finally see the problem, "carburetor is flooded."11. That look when your friend tells you, "I'm sorry bro! You iPhone got stolen"10. After impregnating the daughter of a billionaire and she says she won't eat until she sees you..9. When you're totally short of wisdom for doing right things..8. When you overheard your crush telling her friends that you're not cool enough.. and then you try to be cool..7. When you hear your Boss wants a word with you..6. When toe truck starts acting real..5. When she's on uniform and still looking beautiful..4. When your kid tries to find out the reason behind those gaps on your teeth and then you start a story like; "I will never forget that day"3. Some girl be like, "boys go suffer!"2. Most people love having this in place of dogs or cat in the homes..1. In my country, this is how nuclear bomb is made.

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