A-plus Has Nailed The Bitter Truth, Check What He Said That Will Surely Cause Panic In The NPP

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A plus.

It is interesting to note that, the business man cum politicians has draw the attention of Ghanains, back to 2016 with this inspirational and motivational message.

According to A plus, the Npp are basically complaining about the comparism of the Us elections to December 7 because it is not in their favor.

At his facebook page, he drops a touchy revelation.

Have you seen that A plus right? he has just nailed the bitter truth.

Any time a Democrat party won in the US, Npp will be busily attacking the comparism people will be making in regards to the similarities.

Similarly, the Ndc also rubbishes the comparism between this two elections , especially when the Republican wins in the US .

As A plus has said, Ndc now know that, a win for Democrat in Us is a win for them in Ghana, this was the same thing they oppose in 2016.

Today Npp are now crying because it is not in their favor.

This kind of Hippocracy must stop Let's accept what History throw at us.

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