Say these 5 Prayer Points To Our Heavenly Father For Thanksgiving

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The act of thanksgiving is very important for every Christian, hence the reason why it should not be taken for granted. It is believed that if you give thanks for the blessings which you've received, you would open doors for even more blessings.

So join me and say these 5 prayer points for Thanksgiving to our heavenly Father, let's begin;

1) Father Lord in heaven, I give you thanks for your goodness in my life. I exalt and glorify your holy name.

2) I adore you because you're the creator of all things and I pray that your mercies endure forever.

3) I thank you for keeping me alive and healthy to reap the fruits of my labour.

4) I thank you for your protection and journey mercies in Jesus' name, amen.

5) I thank you for all the opportunities that I have received which made me become the success that I am today.

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