Revealed: Two Counties Where Raila Battalions Campaigned For Him Today

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Raila Odinga battalions have revealed the two Counties that they campaigned for Raila Odinga today as Raila seek to unseat Uhuru and defeat Ruto in the upcoming general election.

Raila has also informed that in the next Friday of this month, he would be holding Azimio La Umoja convention in Kasarani, Nairobi County.

According to what Embakasi East Members of Parliament shared today, he has revealed that they campaigned for Raila Odinga in two Counties in the Nyanza region.

"Today we campaigned for Baba in Migori County and Busia County, respectively. Baba President Ruto Resident," Babu Owino said.

It is also considered that the two afforementioned Counties, Migori County and Busia County are Raila's strong holds when it comes to voting.

For ages that Raila has contested for the seat, those two Counties have been delivering more than 90% of votes to Raila each.

Now that Ruto has initiated the bottom-up approach and selling the initiative to the people of the two counties, Babu Owino is trying to bring back votes to Raila.

It was also reported that the governor of Migori, Okoth Obado, has shown unpleasant news to Raila and ODM by seen accompanying Ruto whenever he tours the County.

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