The Unknown Potentials In A Bamboo Tree.


One plant that has suffered the most rejection and under utilisation in our clime is bamboo. The farmer sees it as a weed that must be discarded at all cost. Bamboo grows freely and the most use that it is put into is as firewood or at best as scaffold for building purposes. This is why the mere mention of cultivating bamboo as an agro based product sounds stupid to the average Nigerian .

Ironically,all over the world,from the Americas to Asia,bamboo stands tall in terms of usefulness. Referred to as the ‘‘miracle plant ’' or ‘‘the most useful plant on Earth '',bamboo has for decades been used as building and printing material as well as an excellence source for fabrics.

In this time of global warming,deforestation threaten the balance of natural world and diverse ecosystem,bamboo is making a name for itself as a solution and resource that is both remarkably useful and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is considered one of the renewable resources in the planet. This is evident in some species of bamboo that have been known to grow four feet a day and reach maturity within two years. After harvesting bamboo it will rapidly self propagate and a new bamboo forest quickly springs up,preventing soil erosion and deforestation that is common with harvest. Unlike other plants,Experts say bamboo has natural anti bacteria and does not need pesticides that could be destructive to the environment. They believe that with carbon dioxide in the environment in the atmosphere on the rise,bamboo becomes a highly beneficial tool to clean the air we breathe. Bamboo and other plants,they say,convert carbon dioxide into clean breathable oxygen,but that bamboo even does it better than the average tree,pointing out that a stand of bamboo can produce 35 percent more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees.

Bamboo fabric is a remarkable material with properties that are unique and fascinating. One such property is that it is naturally thermo regulated keeping the body cooler when the weather is cold. It also keeps moisture away from the body to keep the wearer dry and three degree cooler than other conventional fabric. When made into bed sheet,they are softer than 1000 thread cotton. Bamboo sheet are truly comfortable and yet eco friendly way to enjoy a good night sleep.

Finally, although the story about this bamboo plant is too good to be true, the prospects in the plant are just too much to be ignored.