Good News For All Those Who Take 'Abedru' (Turkey Berries)


Abedru has so many names such as Anona Ntroba, kwahu nsusuwa, kantosi, yaa asantewaa, ama dweridi, and so on. It is commonly used by the people of Ghana, most especially to prepare meals like garden egg stew and palm nut soup.

According to research, it originated from the USA and began to spread of which it eventually got to Africa. Notwithstanding the sour and bitter taste, Abedru is loaded with lots of benefifs which we will be looking at in this article.

I've brought good news to all those who consume Abedru in Ghana, because the health benefits are top notch. It's usually sold for 1-3 cedis in Ghana, and the benefit is much more than the money.

Good news for all those who take Abedru (Turkey Berries). Checkout the benefits from consuming it below:

1.) It helps in treating diabetes, by consuming Abedru you'll be sure that your sugar level is in a good condition.

2.) Abedru contains iron that helps in the cure for anemia. It also helps in the production of red blood cells in the body.

3.) It helps to treat kidney related diseases.

4.) Talking about diarrhea, it helps to treat diarrhea and indigestion in humans.

5.) By consuming Abedru regularly, one can reduce the risk of having cancer.

These and many more are the benefits you get from consuming Abedru. Those that are battling back pain and weight loss should consider Abedru, and they'll see results.

Also you should note that Abedru should be cooked before consumption, because eating it raw can be harmful.

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