Reasons why Soft Drinks are always not Full

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Have you ever wondered why bottles of soft drinks are never full? There is always a space left in between the surface of the drink in the bottle and the lid of the bottle. But why can’t manufacturers or producers fill the bottles of such drinks to the brim since consumers are also paying for them?

Most of these soft drinks contain carbon dioxide and it expands when it gets heated causing pressure. With this, when a space is not left and the drink is filled fully, the bottle may break due to pressure. Also, when the bottle is opened, the carbon dioxide comes out in the form of bubbles and if the drink is filled fully, the drink will overflow and it will be left with little to consume.

Soft drinks and sodas largely contain water and water expands when it is cooled but the bottle contrasts when it is cooled. Most soft drinks are kept in the sun and under heat for several hours which consumers buy and put them in refrigerators. When the drink is fully filled and placed in the refrigerator, the bottle contrasts while the water in the drink expands and the variation between these two will make the bottle burst or break. Spaces are therefore left on top of soft drinks to contain the expansion of the water while the bottle contrasts under cold temperatures.

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