Are you aware babies have incredible superpowers you didn not know?

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To many people, newborn babies are the most helpless creatures in the world but i tell you, these angels can do some things you’d never imagine. They have secret super abilities that adult like you don't have, and today you will bear me a witness.

1. Strongest Grips

Most of the time you have noticed that when babies wrap their little fingers around yours or other objects, its very hard to get them off.

This is because when babies wrap their fingers around something, they’re actually using a large amount of strength which they use to support their own weight.

2. Inborn Swimming Abilities

As an adult when you jump into water and unfortunately you don't know how to swim, you are likely going to be in a mess, but for babies they know exactly what to do.

They have inborn swimming ability. If you put a newborn in a pool of water, they’ll out of nowhere start paddling and, if their heads go under, they’ll hold their breath. This ability diminishes as they get older.

3. High hearing abilities

Newborn babies have the ability hear every little sound around them, even those little background noises that an adult can not detect.

If you drop a needle, as an adult you might not hear it but your baby will. Thats why mothers or any other person tip-toe walk not to awake or disturb them.

4. Healing their mothers while in the womb

As long as babies are in the womb, they usually aid their mothers by lending them good health.

The babies boost the immune systems of their mothers by distributing their stem cells which keep the mothers from getting diseases such as colds, heart attacks, etc. The stem cells also heal wounds when the mothers get injured.

What other super abilities do you think babies have?


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