No peace at ANC, look Who's fighting back now

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It seems like we will never see peace at the African National Congress. Gone are those days were the African National Congress National Executive Council decisions were binding and respected, now members are challenging them left, right and center.

The African National Congress during their last Lekgotla, they agreed on policy if stepping aside for Members implicated in corruption but when it is time for implementation, members starts to challenge what they've agreed on.

The suspended Secretary of the African National Congress General Ace also challenged the policy if stepping aside in court.

Now Surpra Mahumapelo wants to fight back from the decision which African National Congress National Executive Council took against him.

Mahumapelo and the acting provincial secretary of the ANC Women’s League, Bitsa Lenkopane, were suspended from the governing party last year for five years. To many this is because the African National Congress will be hosting National leadership Electoral conference on December 2022 and they want to be elected.

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