We Demand Public Apology! Why Tanzanians Are Angry At Wema Sepetu

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Wema Sepetu [Photo|Courtesy]

Tanzanian model and actress Wema Sepetu has faced the wrath of angry Tanzanians after she recently hosted late Kanumba's mother on her show 'Cook With Wema'.

Wema who is former Miss Tanzania started an online show which she uses to host various celebrities in Tanzania.

This week Wema hosted Late Kanumba's mother.

Kanumba was a famous actor who took made his country proud in the film industry.

The late Kanumba died in disturbing circumstances and the lady who was the main suspect in the case is Tanzania model and actress Elizabeth Michael who is popularly known as Lulu.

At the time of his death, Kanumba and Lulu had an affair though according to Tanzanian media Lulu was under 18 years.

His death led to a big loss not only to his family but also to his fans across the globe.

Lulu was arrested a while back and served seven months in prison.

She got released and she was instructed to do community work for some time.

When this story started fading on everybody's head Wema Sepetu just revived it.

She asked Mama Kanumba about Kanumba's death and the devastated woman said that Lulu was speaking on phone with another man when Kanumba caught her.

The video of the interview has gone viral and many are blaming Wema for bringing past events into the picture.

They demanded that she should offer a public apology to Lulu because the issue is private and those involved should be given enough time to heal and forgive one another.

Click here to watch full video.

Here are some comments from Carry Mastorry gossip page:

Said: Wema huna hata huruma mwenzio amepitia magumu mno jamani.

Khalifa: Wema we demand public apology hii sio jambo la kawaida.

Juma: Lulu alishakaa gerezani kwani mlitaka aoze huko? Hii sio poa.

Mohamed: Kwani Wema wewe huna dhambi?

Pam: Wema omba Lulu msamaha haraka mno.

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