Check Out 2 Things That Davido's Former Girlfriend, Chioma, Has Been Doing To Earn Money

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Chioma Avril Rowland is the former girlfriend of the popular Nigerian musician, Davido. Chioma has been into a couple of lucrative things which has been generating some income for her. Chioma's breakup with Davido has not stopped her from living her life to the fullest. To earn money, Chioma has been involved in a couple of things that have been bringing some money into her pockets. This article shall take a closer look at two lucrative things that Chioma has been doing to earn some cash for herself.

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2 Lucrative Things That Chioma Has Been Involved In Which Has Served As A Means Of Earning Some Money For Herself:

1. Chioma Has Been Running A Youtube Channel Where She Showcases Her Cooking Skills:

One of the things Chioma has been doing to earn money for herself is to open a YouTube channel where she has been uploading videos of her cooking skills for the whole world to see. Since opening her YouTube channel, Chioma has gradually gained thousands of followers and the contents of the channel have been viewed by so many people. The contents of her youtube channel have been earning her some cash and she has grown in popularity in the first few months of opening the youtube channel. Since setting up the channel some few months ago, Chioma has gotten more than 8 thousand followers. Her channel has been generating income for her because it has been monetized and she also places adverts on them.

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2. Chioma Has Continued With Her Modelling Job:

Chioma has continued her modeling job and it has been bringing in some money for her. Chioma's career as a model has been predominantly based online and she has been spotted while modeling some clothes for different clothing lines on her official Instagram page. Her modeling career both online and offline is another way Chioma generates some extra income for herself and her son, Ifeanyi. Most definitely, anyone who Chioma models clothes for on her official Instagram account will pay Chioma for the services she has rendered because thousands of people will see the clothes online.

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With these two ways of making income, Chioma has proven her resourcefulness and ingenuity. She has also shown that she is a strong and independent single mother.

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