Low power schedule will not trickle down to Dumsor, energy Minister assures Ghanaians


The current energy Minister Matthew Opoku Prempeh assures Ghanaians that the current ongoing low power schedule will not trickle down to Dumsor.

In an interview today, he says the current maintenance activities ongoing will soon be done and Ghanaians will have their power fully restored. In his statement, the general public are still in doubt as to how this power schedule was going to end. The energy ministry came out with earlier dates to which the Dumsor or the power schedule was going to end but failed woefully, and today Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh reassures Ghanaians that the current power schedule will soon end.

Ghanaians voted for the current government mainly because of its ability to manage the Dumsor acts which was very rampant during the John Mahama government. Are Ghanaians disappointed because they feel Dumsor is back to stay?

Let me know your views on what you think.

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