Have you seen Rissa and Quan's Gender reveal party?


Rissa and Quan have known each other for a very long time since they were in school.The two are known to be vloggers with 2million subscribers.They are currently expecting a child and have been preparing for the gender reveal party.The couple decided to put on white outfits since they were very okay with getting either a baby girl or a baby boy.Rissa went ahead and painted the nails in her left hand blue while the nails in her right hand pink.Though the weather was not friendly and it was raining.They still believed that the day was going to turn out well.

The couple invited most of their friends from different parts of the world and also their family members and friends from college.They were so happy for Rissa and Quan and wished them we'll as they were starting a family together.When the time to find the gender of the baby reached they jumped with joy and were so excited since they were expecting a baby boy.They also promised to bring him up with love.

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