First Wives Suffer Most In Cases Like This.

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In parts of Ghana and in most parts of Africa, polygamous marriages are the norm. A man can choose to marry more than one woman and might not even care if he can cater to them all or not and not even speak about doing the same for children resulting from such marriages.

First wives who are later introduced to lovers or second wives of their husbands being introduced into their marriages can cause such women to experience emotional trauma especially when they didn't have any idea or sign up for that.

The first wife now has to compete with other women for her husband's attention and most at times fail as the subsequent women seem younger and the men would enjoy their company more. This causes anxiety and stress for such women and also makes them feel lonely, unhappy, and jealous. Women tend to look much older than their actual age as they are surrounded by such negative energies in their marriages.

Not to say that first wives don't experience some positives in polygamous marriages. As a matter of fact, in healthy polygamous marriages, women are known to reduce the burden of chores by sharing them among themselves. This happens but most times the first wife suffers a lot and the same happens to the rest when they are 'replaced' by younger women.

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