3 Things You Should Do With Your Wife Everyday

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As a man you are not just the head of the house so that you provide financially for your family, no as a man you ought to be deliberate in so many ways especially when it comes to leading and giving a directional path for your family. As a man below are 3 things you should do with your wife everyday:

1.) Pray with her: This right here is very important and to me I feel it should occur without any specific timing, as a man always learn to pray frequently at all times with your wife so that you invite the spirit of God into you home.

2.) Exercise together: This might not be for a very lengthy period of time but it could just be maybe a very simple work out routine that you do with her daily, nothing bonds a man and a woman better than exercising and sweating it out together.

3.) Eat together with her: I personally like this one because to me it is one way to rekindle the fire of love burning between couples, when you eat with your wife as a man try to feed her occasionally and see how beautiful it turns out to be.

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