Claire Kinuthia Breaks Her Silence After Makena Njeri Revealed That They Are No Longer Dating

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Just few hours after Bold Network Africa CEO Makena Njeri took to her Instagram account to reveal that she is single, her ex lover Dr. Claire Kinuthia has finally broken her silence.

Photo: Dr. Claire Kinuthia and Makena Njeri

Taking to her Instagram account, the obstetrician-gynecologist who is also a digital creator made posts that hinted that she is also letting go of all the feelings that she had.

One of the posts talked about three paradoxical truths;

one which stated that the more we heal our adult selves the more childlike we become, another stating that the more we set healthy boundaries the more we experience freedom, and the other saying that the more we give up control the more powerful we become.

Aside from that, Dr. Claire Kinuthia uploaded another photo of herself donning a swimming costume while at the Aberdares Ragia Falls, and accompanied it with a caption saying:

"Let go, be still & bathe in your magnificence".

Makena Njeri reveals she is single

On Friday night, former Tahidi High actress Makena Njeri had a Q&A session with her Instagram followers, and many took the opportunity to inquire about different things regarding her personal life.

However when a fan asked about who she was currently dating, she made it clear that she is now dating no one and that she is infact focused on her healing and growth.

This quickly indirectly pointed out that her relationship with Dr. Claire Kinuthia had ended. However what exactly led to their break up is still unknown.

Makena Njeri and Dr. Claire Kinuthia

According to reports the lesbian couple started dating secretly just few months ago, and this was during the time when Makena Njeri was still in a relationship with renowned Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami.

Photo: Makena Njeri and her ex lover Michelle Ntalami

Therefore Makena Njeri cheated on Michelle Ntalami with Dr. Claire Kinuthia, and Ntalami even revealed this in November 2021 when she cried foul in her long break up message on her Instagram account.

She infact claimed that the main reason why people were no longer seeing her with the Bold Network Africa CEO like they used to is because she was allegedly a serial cheater, who mercilessly hurt her without caring about her feelings.

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