SARS warning: November tax deadlines and new penalties

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The South African Revenue Service (SARS), has energized individual non-temporary citizens to advance their personal expense forms, the income administration said on Tuesday 9 November. 



An authority proclamation has said personal expense forms should be finished by Tuesday 23 November. 

The income administration likewise cautioned that punishments can be anticipated on the people who neglect to comply with the conveyed time constraint. 

"Citizens should take note of that as per changes in enactment, SARS will require punishments from 1 December 2021 where at least one returns are remarkable," the assertion said. 

"Prior to the adjustment of the enactment, SARS could just require punishments where at least two returns were remarkable. This more established principle will stay set up for another year for 2020 and prior returns. 


The expense law association revived the public's aggregate memory that documenting annual assessment forms are commanded by law. 

Moreover, paying expense likewise guarantees our less fortunate comrades are furnished with required monetary help. 

"Yet, past the legitimate necessity to document a return, citizens who make the best choice are empowering the public authority to meet the essential assistance needs of poor people and helpless by giving social awards and medical care, among others," SARS Commissioner Edward Kieswetter said. 

To work with less complex and more open consultancy, SARS made a few new web-based channels that are accessible every minute of every day. 

"This will assist with giving clearness and make it simple for citizens to fulfill the time constraint of 23 November with practically no trouble. These channels incorporate among others, SARS eFiling, SARS MobiApp, and SMS administration. More subtleties are accessible on the SARS site," he said. 

In the mean time, reports say SARS got a default judgment against DJ Sbu at the High Court in Johannesburg. The honor winning radio character and business person DJ Sbu needs to hack up R15 million in neglected assessments.

SARS warning: November tax deadlines and new penalties (

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