Is SA ready to reduce restrictions even further ? Here is how Prof Moshabela responded

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The South African Covid-19 Statistics are looking positive for the first time in while .However ,is South Africa ready to reduce its restrictions even further?

Click on the video link below to find out how Professor Mosa Moshabela responded .He is a Vice-Chancellor of Research and Innovation at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal .

In the discussion ,it was revealed that the Covid-19 infections and hospitalization had decreased significantly .The daily infections were alleged to be below the 2000 mark .The positivity rate was reported to to below the 10 % ,as it stood at 9.3% .The Professor was asked if it was high time South Africa relaxed .

In response , he agreed that the figures were indeed good looking and that it was okay to be positive .He said that the numbers were looking good in terms of mortality and even hospitalizations .

He however said that even though things looked good , it did not mean that the pandemic was over .He said that there was need to figure out ways of living with the virus .The Professor was asked his view regarding rotational learning in schools and whether it was time to scrap it off in schools .

In his response ,the Professor said rotational learning had served its purpose until now He highlighted the need to balance with other aspects such as education . He said that there was a need to normalise the academic year .

It is great that the infections are on a decrease and that the statistics are looking good ,but the pandemic is not over . It is always advisable to be safe than to be sorry . Instead of rushing to normalize schooling ,more focus should be on expanding schools .More investment should be channeled towards education as it is the future of South Africa .

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