The Botswana statement confirms that the new variant was first tested from the Western diplomats

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This is a statement from Botswana government issued 26 November 2021 confirming that four Diplomats from the West are the first to test positive with the new Covid-19 variant which ultimately reached SA. Botswana kept quite until South Africa made it public even now Botswana is refusing to disclose the names of the countries where the diplomats hail from. Now SADC countries have been punished for a variant which was brought by Europeans to us. I am also disturbed by Botswana hiding the names of the countries where these diplomats come from. They need to name and shame so that the world can get the truth than the current lies being spread. African leaders are embarrasement to us, they always make decisions that compromise us

South Africa appears to be taking bashing for disclosing its detection of the variant. Excellence science by South Africa maybe we should in the future also keep quite and be diplomatic, because the hypocrites want to punish us for honesty. These are looking more and more like fear tactics people are just so over this, they are truly exhausted by the propaganda surrounding COVID coming from overseas, and into our peaceful Botswana. What is their reasoning behind this? Oh yes third dose on its way they just follow the money

So funny that no other countries had more covid cases in their summer. But only South Africa and still wearing masks. Other countries did not wear.masks to places like stadiums. But we are still sitting with masks beginning of the year they already predicted that there will be a 4th wave in November/ December. How is this possible to predict it, so all is man made and money making and we are all fooled and have to suffer. Covid was planned long back and if we continue this thing of fearing to stand up, for what's right will witness genocide simply. Why does this feel like the ANC trying to punish the country with a looming threat of lockdown, because ao little voted for the. Somethings doesn't add up something is fishy here, conspiracy theorists said a new variant will be detected towards Christmas, and now this

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