Might This Be The Reason Why Cassper Nyovest And Emtee Are Beefing

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Incredibly bizarre feud between rappers Emtee and Cassper Nyovest On one hand, there's Emtee, who loves to bash Cassper. Then there's Cassper, who says he adores. So, are they beefing?

Cassper resorted to Twitter to expand on his feud with Manando. Then one of his disciples approached Mufasa about Emtee again.

In spite of Emtee's lack of praise, Cassper ignores him.

He changed his mind because he believes you'll expose him and brand him a crackhead because he smokes pot or slam his d*.

He claimed he appreciated and supported Emtee's hustling, but he was worried that someone had gotten into his head and said something nasty. So he backed up.

Cassper also ignores Emtee's constant social media slurs. If that makes him happy, he should keep going.

The conflict between Cassper and Emtee is nothing new. Emtee did not pitch in studio to make a song with Cassper, according to Cassper in an interview with Pearl Thusi on BET's "Behind The Story." “Emtee and I were scheduled to go studio. His phone went dead. My excitement was dashed when he mized me. There are many who mize me, not only him." Casper stated.

Emtee responded on Podcast and Chill, explaining his side of the situation. In order to avoid making him feel unwelcome, I chose to approach quietly. But knowing him, I don't want any strange headlines tomorrow. It turns out he was filming Emtee's crack as we were recording.

Cassper was dissed last year. This came after "The Revolution of SA Hip Hop" live duel between Emtee and A-Reece.

To make it about him and how he filled up FNB Stadium, performing for 4 hours straight, Cassper tried to distract attention away from Emtee.

"Fill Up FNB stadium was 4 hours long. The catalog is solid. No one would venture to. No one should dare to."

Instead of praising others, Cassper makes things about him and him alone. But Cassper retorted, "Stay in your own

"Emtee Mxm My boy, go to bed. You have plenty to do. Get back to work and get it done! I won't allow you do that with my name. Ntwana! (you're a little boy) !"

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