Oscar Mbo Gets Exposed By a DJ Archie and More DJs for Poor Performance of His Service.

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27 January 2022

Oscar Mbo has topped the trending list this morning after a well known DJ Archie exposed him for being arrogant. We all know Oscar Mbo as the most humbled DJ who has not had in any feud either any other celebrity in the South African music industry. Well DJ has proved that we shouldn't trust too much.

Taking to social media this DJ posted that he invited Oscar Mbo to the show in December and made all the payments as expected when a person books a celebrity. Normally if you book an artist you pay a deposit first which normally covers transportation costs, accommodation for a manager and an artist and meals. Once the gig is finished then you pay the rest of the money.

It is the responsibility of a manager to ensure that the service is delivered on time once a client pays for the service. The work is more professional as it costs of customer service.

It seems like Oscar Mbo unfortunately used the money and never attended the show. He got payments and never attended the show as he was expected to.

"OK I booked Oscar Mbo last year December through his manager yolisa, I paid them the full amount according to our agreement.ok oscar didn't pitch ka di 28 December.I am still waiting for a refund even now.he blocked my calls and his manager is not taking my calls.i need a refund", DJ Archie revealed.

He accompanied this by showing screenshots of a conversation between him and Oscar Mbo's manager.

He further showed another picture where Oscar threatened him.

Another company which goes by the name of Stone Age Holdings further revealed more details on Oscar.

"Last year he scammed that boy 130K claiming his gonna use it as investment for event. Ngapha he owed Shimza and blocked his whole office at that same time he just knocked Darque 💔", they shared.

More social media users revealed that he has done the same thing before.

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