'Alikuwa Ananipiga', Jemutai's Unusual Revelation Which Has Erupted The Internet.


Kenyan Comedian Sheila Bunei alias Jemutai has erupted the internet after she revealed that Churchill show comedian Prof Hamo used to to beat her. On a post which comedian Jemutai deleted afterwards, she revealed that Hamo used to beat her when her kids were watching.

Jemutai shared a post on her social media platforms, message which was meant for Hamo. She respond to Hamo's allegation where he said that his first wife, 'mama Melissa' is the who is responsible for Jemutai as she has been sending money to the comedian. In the spirit of anger, Jemutai revealed Hamo's hidden behaviors. She claimed that Hamo is a drunkard, he used to come home drank at 2a.m and beat her up.

Jemutai's fans was touched by the unusual revelation, they went ahead and attacked the comedian by telling him that he should never lay his hand on a woman. On the Jemutai's post, many social media users advised her never to involve Hamo in her life ever again as a violent man is a dangerous man. Here are a few comments from the public:

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