2022 Statehouse Race Hots Up After Details of Another Nairobi Meeting Are Leaked on Sunday

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As the country nears the Upcoming 2022 general election, it's now evident that the 2022 presidential race has continued to gain momentum with the emergence of another Presidential Candidate from the Mt Kenya region on Sunday.

According to the report by People's Daily on Sunday, former President Hon Mwai Kibaki's eldest son (Pictured below with Uhuru and Ruto) has finally declared that he is going to battle it out with DP William Ruto and former Prime Minister Hon Raila Odinga.

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Speaking minutes after attending another crisis meeting that took place in Nairobi on Sunday, Hon Jimmy Kibaki has reportedly told the media that his decision to vie for the top was arrived after receiving pressure from Mt Kenya residents, Political analysts, Agikuyu Leaders as well as powerful individuals in the Government.

“I would like to state that TND is on the advanced stage of having Jimmy Kibaki as our presidential candidate in 2022. Being our deputy party leader, he is equal to tasks ahead of delivering the country from bad leadership and end corruption,” Thuo Mathenge (Jimmy Kibaki's advisor) people-centered said.

He added; “The New Democrats Party is a Kenyan political party founded to give Kenya a new, alternative people-centered leadership that ensures positive governance in the spirit of the new constitutional dispensation.”

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