Raila Discloses Why Uhuru Might Not Support Him in 2022

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Raila has been dominating public headlines in the past few days with many eager on when he would announce his 2022 presidential ambitions.

With a year now remaining for the next polls, Raila has been under pressure to declare his candidature and face off Ruto who has been on the Campaign trail since 2017.

Raila's inner circles have however been of the idea that the Former Prime Minister currently enjoys the Support of Uhuru and that their handshake could see them work together in 2022.

During this year's Madaraka Day Celebrations in Kisumu, Uhuru lifted the lid on his succession plans by revealing that he was planning to work with Raila now and in the future.

This statement was interpreted by many to mean that Raila could be Uhuru's preferred succesor.

Raila has today however changed tune on Uhuru supporting him by revealing why Uhuru might not support him in 2022.

As established by the Nation today, Raila has been alleged to have revealed that he was not banking on Uhuru's Support come next year.

According to Raila, it will be unlikely for Uhuru to Support him since Raila was Uhuru's main competitor in 2013 and 2017 Elections.

For this reason, Raila has consequently ruled out the possibility of Uhuru supporting Raila's candidature in 2022.

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