The Side Effects Staying Pure/Virgin for a longtime

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 Many people choose to stay a Virgo until they get married. That's not a bad thing, although remaining pure for long has its downsides. 




 Here are some side effects of being celibate to be aware of. 


 1. Loss of confidence and boring ideas. 


 This is mainly due to fear and shyness because some things have never been done before. Some words even sound strange to someone who is still a Virgo and this can lead to a loss of confidence. 


 2. Your immune system is weakened. 


 Some actions strengthen the immune system, and avoiding them will reduce your ability to fight disease.

3. You don't know if you can make children or not.

Making babies at the right time is very important for family building. However, those who are still pure don't know if they are fertile or not. Remember, I'm not encouraging you to make unplanned babies.

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