Lenyalo an abusive husband asks his wife for a sex schedule.

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Marriage is not difficult. What makes it difficult is the type of spouse you choose to commit to for the rest of your life. You are choosing to live an abusive life till the day you die if you marry someone who abused you throughout the courtship period. When you marry someone who is controlling, manipulative, and emotionally abusive, you are committing to that life for the rest of your life.The majority of issues that people face in marriage were there during the courting stage, but they opted to ignore them in the hopes of a better future.

On tonight's episode of Lenyalo Lethata, we met a woman who wanted to save her marriage. However, the marriage appears to be toxic, and the lady is only clinging to her husband because women love the idea of being married. Some women will stay in a marriage that is unhealthy because they assume their husbands will change.

The husband on tonight's show was described as aggressive, dominating, and unable to say no. When his wife refuses to sleep with him, he manipulates her into doing so. To ensure that he continues to dismiss her feelings about s.e.x., he even requested that they create an s.ex. timetable.

This means that his wife will have to sleep with him, whether or not she feels like it. If the date is in the calendar, she will have to keep it. It demonstrates that her husband is unconcerned about her and views s.e.x as something that should pleasure him, even if it has no benefit for her. This is a form of abuse that should not be rationalized as a marriage obligation.

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