Photo Of Mercy Johnson Looking Gloomy Pops Up


If you know Mercy Johnson you will know that she is one of the finest Nollywood actors seen in our time. 

She is that beautiful girl who can see through every role given her and act accordingly. She never disappoints.

Asa mother of four beautiful kids we expected her to look big and tamed but no our Mercy is hotter than ever.

Take a look at previous photos of Mercy Johnson

You will see that she is a true picture of African beauty and she is one of the prides of Nigeria.However, take a look at this photo of the actress looking so gloomy and her face without the usual glow.

Is it that she is just acting or there is something wrong with her. Please let's find out oooo. Well she is wearing black but perhaps it's because she has a funeral.

What do you think is the problem?comment in the comment box


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