Boyfriend Swap: How I Stole My Best Friend's Boyfriend and She Stole My Boyfriend Too (Fiction)


Love used to be a myth to me. This is because prior to now, I have never been fortunate enough to experience it. My friends on the other hand, were a physical display of true love. They were all in a relationship with people who seemed like their soul mates. Each time I see them all cuddly and lovey, honestly, I used to feel a tad jealous and kept on wondering how two human beings with different personalities and from different homes, are so smitten by one another that they practically can't imagine a live without the other.

My friends, Mary and Kelechi, Tunde and Tosin, and Damilola and Joyce (Joyce is my best friend) were so lucky they found their soul mates in the same university we all went to. Meanwhile, my other best friend, Joseph, and I were so focused on our studies that we barely had time for anything else. Funny thing is that we didn't even graduate with first class.

After school, finding the right partner became a herculean task that at some point, I began to nurse the thought that someone has probably married off my soul mate.

Hanging out with my couple friends became less interesting by the day. Their Public Display of Affection was a constant reminder of my loneliness and after each hang out, I always go home to an empty bed feeling all depressed.

At a point, I started avoiding them because I began to feel like we didn't belong in the same circle anymore. I got to know that Joseph was also making up excuses to avoid the hangouts and I guess he too was feeling the same way.

When our friends got to find out about this, they felt sorry for us and suggested that Joseph and I hookup. This idea sounded ridiculous at first because Joseph was like a brother to me. We practically grew up together attending the same school up to our university.

However, after much pestering and persuasions from our friends, we decided to give it a shot. What's the worse that could happen right?

Our First date was a disaster. We didn't know how to switch automatically from friends to lovers. Worse of all, we didn't even know what to talk about. To avoid the awkward silence, I kept shovelling food into my mouth like my life depended on it.

Fortunately, the second date wasn't so bad because before then, we were able to laugh over the awkwardness of the first date on the phone. By the third date, we had gotten quite comfortable with each other and were even happy about the relationship.

Our friend's were dying to know how the whole thing was going and so, we told them over a phone conversation. They were so excited for us and couldn't wait to meet up for the next hangout. It was February and valentine's day was fast approaching, so they suggested a Valentine's weekend vacation for us all. We welcomed the idea and started making plans towards it.

Unfortunately, before the weekend, most of our friends bailed out because they claimed they had other more pressing engagements. So it was just Joseph and I with Damilola and Joyce.

I and Joseph were feeling a sense of intimidation in that we were just learning how to be lovers where as Dami and Joyce seemed like love birds from out of this word. Of all our friends, Damilola and Joyce seemed most in love and they don't hesitate to display their affection for each other any little chance they get.

Then came the much expected weekend and we met with Dami and Joyce at the hotel. You know, there's the popular saying that all that glitters is not gold. This didn't used to make any sense to me until that weekend with Dami and Joyce.

After dropping our bags, we linked up with the DJ's (Damilola and Joyce) and then split up in pairs. Dami and Joseph went to the table tennis court while Joyce and I went for lingerie's shopping in preparation for a special night. As we were shopping, Joyce started filling my ears with talk about Damilola's shortcomings. How Damilola does not satisfy her needs and how she plan on breaking up with him immediately after the valentine holiday. My jaw fell open because I never imagined Damilola and Joyce to be anything but the perfect couple. I was left with no other option than to start dishing out relationship advice. Imagine me that just started dating barely a week ago, giving relationship advice to someone whom I thought was in a perfect relationship. This life is some how, truly, it's not good to envy people's life because you may not know what they are going through.

When we got back to the lodge, I went straight to our room to meet Joseph to tell him about all Joyce told me. While we were talking, I got to know that Damilola too complained to him bitterly about Joyce. This gossip kept us busy all through the remaining part of the day until it came time to hang out in the club with the DJ's. Funny enough, we were looking forward to seeing them again after knowing this new information about their love life. Guess we wanted to see how it is they have been able to fool us all into believing they had the perfect love life with the constant display of affection.

When we met up with the DJs for a brief dinner and some drinks before the couple's special night out party, Joseph and I got our curiosity satisfied, we saw through the fake love three bottles of beer down the line. As the drinks kept coming, tongues began to loosen up. One thing led to another, Joyce said nasty things, Damilola replied with nastier words, both became angry and refused to go into the party together. Here is the problem, it was a couple's party and only couples were allowed in. Truth is that, we really didn't want to miss this party, not after spending such huge amount of money on the tickets.

After series of failed attempts to settle Dami and Joyce and convince them to go in as a couple, there was only one thing left to do. Well, we could have left them out there and go in to enjoy our special night but, we couldn't do that because of our friendship, so we decided to switch partners. Joseph went with Joyce while I went with Damilola and we went in to enjoy the fun couple's program scheduled for the evening.

Unfortunately, in the course of doing that, a connection I had never imagined was there before, sparked between I and Damilola. I felt it first during our first dance when our body touched briefly. One thing led to another and many drinks later we woke up in the same room with our clothes scattered all over the floor.

I was extremely devastated and kept on wishing the floor would open up and swallow me. Where is Joseph? I kept on Wondering. At that point, Dami came close to me and confessed undying love to me. He went on to say that he doesn't regret any of what happened between us as that was the best thing that has ever happened to him. The truth is that, it was the best thing that has happened to me too and i don't regret it either. I just don't know how to bring myself to telling Joseph and my bestfriend Joyce. "Hello bestie, I slept with your boyfriend, hope you don't mind?" What a horrible friend I am.

After much discussion, we decided to confront Joseph and Joyce together and tell them about it, hopefully they will understand that it wasn't intentional. Whatever happened, we promised we weren't going to let it stop us from exploring this new found feelings between us.

As we were stepping out of our room, to our greatest surprise, we met Joseph and Joyce hand in hand, equally stepping out of the other room. There's no second guessing what happened between them last night. Can you imagine? All four of us were stunned and speechless for like a minute. When we finally got ourselves, we decided to head down to the bar to discuss the unbelievable turn out of events over drinks.

Long story short, we went to the bar, talked about it and decided we were cool with the exchange of partners. After all, it seemed right because everyone looked so happy. Personally, I have never felt this happy before.

The only issue is how to tell our friends that there's been Boyfriend's Swap. Any suggestions?


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