15 year old boy arrested after stabbing his friend s mother to death

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The incident occurred at thohoyandou at tshakhuma Diambele village incident happened on Monday afternoon.

The 15 year old suspect is known to the family because the suspect and the 15 year boy are friend arcoding to the police spokes person brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo tells the suspect is the friend of boy who stay within the house. He continues to tell that the suspect will be accessed concerning the child justice act since still teenager .

The victim arrived home from work at around 14:50 ,she then ask her mother were the house key is , the mother tell her were the key is. After a while her son arrived from school found phathutshedzo nemalumani in a pool of blood. Is when the suspect chase away the 15 old boy and he was rescued by neighbour's.

The police were called and the suspect was arrested on the scene. The motive of the killing is not yet known, even the point that how did the suspect gained entrance into the house is not known how. The house breaking is not ruled out on this matter.

in conclusion we as parents need to always guide our children to be away from criminal activities. Always know who plays with your child and what kid of play the play


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