Meet The Alleged Man Who Hired Bulldozer To Demolish Cheating Girlfriend’s House – (Photos)


There is a publish about an incident where a man destroyed his girlfriend's house after things didn't go well between them and, according to some, a photo of the man and her boyfriend was shared on social networks!

Love is a pleasant feeling when driven by moral intentions.

Love should not be for its own benefit, but for both partners to create a fertile atmosphere full of happiness. Today we see people falling for the wrong reasons and then targets being diverted in the wrong direction. We hear people blame love, love did something wrong, these are the people who don't approach each other right.

This video which has been circulating on all social media is taking over the internet as people speak. The couple from Mpumalanga Province rocked the country after their breakup. Nobody thought that a break could cause a spiral to knock an entire two-story house to the ground.

In the video shared on social networks, the girlfriend explains that she has bought a booth for her boyfriend, who is in his girlfriend's name. Then he built this huge two-story house for his girlfriend until the house project was fully completed. After finishing this house, his girlfriend told him he no longer needed it, it was over, the man explained in the video.

The reason this man decided to call the excavator to destroy this house instead of selling it was because the land that was specially built for this house was his girlfriend's land. He did not have the strength to expel this woman because she was the rightful owner of this land.

He lost the first step in land ownership and then everything. After being dumped, he became too emotional and decided to destroy this house without thinking about the money he spent building it.

Here is the alleged girlfriend: