Two female students sacked for engaging in Lesbianism.

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Lesbianism is an act that is not acceptable in a country like Ghana and most institutions in it. Currently, there is a bill before the parliament of Ghana called the "Anti-LGBTQ bill". This bill has sparked a lot of debate as some people believe it targets infringe upon the rights of people who engage in LGBTQ.

Two female students from the University of Professional Studies have been sacked from their hostel as a result of engaging in lesbianism.

The statutes of the schools do not support the act as it is stated that "engaging in acts of lesbianism is contrary to section 1.28.11 (g) of the student's handbook of the University of professional studies, Accra". Based on this regulation in the handbook, the management announced that they have dismissed the two ladies from the hotel and also appropriate sanctions will be communicated accordingly.

What do you think about this action by the management of the University? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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