PRAYER: Lord, Help Me To Always Live A Good Life

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Modeling has been a lucrative profession in recent years. Celebrities from the entertainment and sports industries are making waves in the modeling world. Many young people anticipate them as a source of fashion and hair inspiration. However, when it comes to conduct, we don't see the same growing tendency.

In today's culture, there aren't many moral role models. Some parents who are known members of secret organizations actively advise their children to avoid cultism in school, similar to how doctors are seen with cigarettes in their hands urging patients to avoid smoking. Many political leaders and ministries are also aggravating the situation.

Christianity, on the other hand, has saved us. Every Christian should seek to emulate Jesus Christ's life and teachings. He didn't tell us anything we hadn't already done. His personal life was a perfect example of His teachings.

He abandoned His celestial throne, assumed human form, and died a horrific death on the cross. We have been redeemed because of his willingness to pay the penalty for our sins. Nonetheless, he faced an unjust punishment. He accepted the penalty quietly. He graciously pardoned His assassins.

Following our Lord Jesus Christ's example of meekness, sacrifice, love, forgiveness, and dedication to social justice is a call to action that we take seriously today. We are both Jews in the world, just as Hess is (l Peter 4:17).

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