“Siwezi Lala Usiku Juu Ya Majirani," Man Reveals This About Single-Roomed -Rentals

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Man living in Kibra in Nairobi has opened up on the disadvantages of living in single rooms in a highly populated area. The man identified as Mike said that he is always turned into a watchman by his neighbour whom he termed ruthless whenever he whenever he has a girl.

Mike is now calling on landlords to come up with ways of ensuring that sounds from one room or house do not pass to another room. Mike claims where he stays everything his neighbour is doing can be heard in his house which is made of iron sheets what he branded “iron sheet apartments."

His efforts to talk to the landlord has hit a hard rock as the neighbour allegedly making his life “difficult" is a friend to the landlord who drink together. Though he pays shs 6,500 as rent, he says her cannot enjoy his money since he cannot live in peace.

Being a new person in the plot, he says that he no longers work properly in his Jua kali job because he misses sleep more often. The man says if it is not his neighbour who is the worst, then it is a tenants since the rental houses are close.

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