7 Signs A Woman Shows, If She Doesn't Want A Relationship With You

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Knowing the signs of a woman that doesn't want a relationship with you is pertinent in the dating world. If you don't understand the hints a woman gives when she is not interested, you might waste time on a woman that might never date you. If you can detect such a woman on time, you can quickly move to the next woman. What are the signs? 

1. She doesn't maintain eye contact: Eye contact is one of the easiest ways to know whether a woman likes you or not. A woman that wants you will enjoy keeping eye contact with you. On the other hand, if she doesn't want you, she will always avoid eye contact. 

2. She will cancel plans: A Woman that wants a relationship with you can hardly cancel dates because she also wants to see you. However, if she doesn't want you, she will give an excuse for canceling dates. Often, they won't cancel it until you call them on the exact day of going out. If she cancels plans more than once, it is a sign that she is not interested in knowing you. 

3. She does not flirt back: Have you ever tried to tease a girl and she takes it personally? She knows you are just joking but because she doesn't want anything with you, she will take it as an insult. She might even get angry at you trying to flirt with her. This is a clue that she is not interested. 

4. She doesn't smile or laugh: A woman that wants a relationship with you will smile and laugh when with you. She will smile just for you to feel comfortable. On the other hand, a woman that doesn't want you will hardly smile or feel excited when with you. 

5. She doesn't make effort to know you: Such a woman will never ask you questions about your family or education. She is not interested in knowing you. If she wants you, she will be eager to know more about you. 

6. She doesn't return your call or text: If your phone number is saved on her phone and she doesn't return missed calls, it is a clue that she doesn't want you. This is different when she hasn't saved your number but if she ignores your text or calls, you may want to move to the next woman. 

7. She tells you she has a boyfriend even if she's single: A woman that likes you will hardly tell you she has a boyfriend. On the other hand, if she says she has a boyfriend when you have not even asked, it is a sign that she is not interested in any relationship with you.

Please note that some of these signs could also be tests to see how genuine your love for her is. What you need to do is to be patient but if the signs continue, you may want to call quit and go for the ones that have interest in you. 

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