OPINION| Ramaphosa must make sure that no one divides his party

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Since Ramaphosa took over from president Jacob Zuma the ANC NEC meetings has turned into court, where they spent bulk of their time discussing individuals rather than issues that are more pertinent to the entire population of South Africa. They spent their time discussing how to deal with those who do not subscribe to Ramaphosa authority

Do not let the ANC convince you that without it South Africa's democracy will not survive we don't need the ANC kleptocracy. The ANC will devour itself out of existence and it will have no effect on South Africa's democracy, we need to prioritise our country, please brothers and sisters. We don't want to be refugees because of this ANC remember there is no country that will ever welcome us, as we are regarded as Xenophobic nation. If ANC fight itself that would be good for our country, as we know that anc is good for nothing

This one can't even mend his own movement that is why fire out breaks here in South Africa still to come, killer sickness is on it's way you will be shocked REPENT CYRIL. You cannot get yourself clean while in the mud. It will be difficult for the anc the cleans itself and rebuilt while in power, they need to take a galant step and stay away from both local and national elections. And then goes on a massive cleansing process and then rebuild the organization from the ground up, the people of South Africa are forgiving and would respect such a decision. Choosing not to participate in elections is a gallant step but worth it, this will ensure that the organization rids itself of opportunists


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