David Mabuza Drops Unexpected Dramatic Bombshell To People Not Taking The Vaccine Jab || See Why

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It has now been two days since the current president of South Africa has made his address following the recent developments of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). This comes after it was speculated that the president might move the country to alert level 2 after the number of covid-19 daily cases declined by 30% which halted the president to move the country to another level.

Even though it sounded like the president wasn't sure about the decision of moving the country to alert level 2, people were expecting that the president will move the country by skipping level 2 to level 1.

This was because the upcoming elections will have to be stopped as it will be unfair for a democratic election to be done online. This was the wish of the opposition parties for elections to happen in level 1 instead of level 2. Ramaphosa announced that the country will be given two weeks regarding how the country will be affected by this shift of level 2. This will mean that if the Covid-19 cases keep at a lower rate of less than 50%, then we might be on alert level 1.

David Mabuza drops an Unexpected dramatic Bombshell to people not taking the vaccine jab. This is because people who are not taking the vaccine jab are moving the country backward and this will either make the government put harsh measures for people to be vaccinated.

Mabuza assured South Africans that they must not feel pressured about taking the jab as it is meant to solve their problems. This is because the vaccine saves lives and if people don't get the vaccine jab people will be putting their lives at a risk and those close to them will be harshly affected by the virus.

Ramaphosa mentioned the issue of vaccine passports for those who got the vaccine jab and how it will work and this might affect people's livelihood. This is because none vaccinated people won't be able to enjoy their leisure in peace anymore as they have to be vaccinated by force.

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