Change Of Tune, Late Athlete Agnes Tirop's Family Sends A Message To Her Husband Family

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The family of the late olympian Agnes Tirop now wants the wealth that was accumulated by their daughter returned to the family. 

Recounting their daughter’s troubled marital life, the family alleges that the late Tirop had complained several times regarding the harassment she endured from her husband, whose name is attached to every estate she owned.

The empty cow sheds here at Kapnyamisa village in Mosoriot, Nandi county, serve as a reminder to the parents of the late Agnes Tirop of an unfinished project that their daughter had begun as a means to support them. 

Alikuwa mtoto ya heshima na mpole, alipenda kuja nyumbani sanasana, alipanga kununua ngombe alijenga dairy hapo, alinunua ploti, alisema akimaliza hii ataenda sasa kwa ploti, sasa yote," Tina Tirop, the mother to the perished.

Her sibling Josephat Keter recalls that his sister was paying the school expenses for a modest bunch of children in the district. 

In any case, underneath the gift such Tirop's reality presented to the quick and more distant family, private matters between the late Tirop and a man said to be her better half is the thing that her kin accept is the reason for her demise. 

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